2019/01/15 Magro- Berlin
2019/04/02 w. Leona Berlin – Berlin
2019/04/14 w. Leona Berlin – Berghain Kantine – Berlin
2019/05/16 Magro – Donau 115 – Berlin
2019/05/25 w. Leona Berlin – Lahnstein
2019/06/04 w. Leona Berlin – A-Trane – Berlin
2019/06/05 w. Leona Berlin – A-Trane – Berlin
2019/06/06 w. Leona Berlin – A-Trane – Berlin
2019/06/08 w. Leona Berlin – Düsseldorf
2019/06/13 Magro – Noizefabrik – Berlin
2019/08/23 w. Leona Berlin – Frankfurt
2019/11/29 w. Leona Berlin -Hamburg

Magro is a drummer and music producer from Berlin. He has accumulated a broad spectrum of experience spanning a variety of styles including Jazz, Soul Music and HipHop.
His project combines many of his musical influences, such as Herbie Hancock, J Dilla, D’Angelo and Kendrick Lamar. His last release ”1 ON 1” was composed, produced and played by Mathis and features the Italian producer Mabi Sabi and Leona Berlin on vocals.
He is currently in the final stages of the production of his next record.  On it can be heard collaborations with Berlin and international singers and MCs (including Stimulus, Kenny Wesley, R.A.H. and Kileza).


2019/08/12 New Single featuring Stimulus will be released on August 26

2019/06/14 New Single from Leona Berlin, did some production and co-writing on it: